How to enable two-factor authentication for Microsoft?

Open in your browser and tap on your profile photo.

Tap on “My Microsoft Account”.

Scroll down and find “Security”.

Tap “Security dashboard”.

Tap “Two-step verification”.

Scroll down and tap “Turn on two-step verification”.

Tap “Next”.

Choose “set up a different Authenticator app”.

Tap on “I can’t scan the bar code”.

Copy your secret key.

Open the Authenticator App, and tap the “+” button.

Tap “Choose alternative method”.

Choose “Enter key manually” option.

Type an account name (e.g. Microsoft), and paste your secret code here. Then, tap “OK”.

Authenticator App will create a TOTP. Copy this 6-digit code.

Turn back to Microsoft, and paste the code here. Then tap “Next”.

You successfully enabled two-factor authentication for your Microsoft account!