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Translate – the best translator app supporting 100+ languages.

Safeguard your accounts with an additional layer of protection, ensuring only authorized access to your sensitive data.

Lost your Bluetooth device? Find it with Device Finder, we will help you find your Phone, Tablet, Watch, and much more.

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Well, This app is really helpful for me because I don't really have that much wallpaper and the wallpapers are so adorable and cute.
Keziah Hope Orlino
Cute Wallpapers
I'm so glad to be using this app, and what i want to translate it was good it was easy to use.
Mecelan Mecedin
this app is amazing! i had just gotten my moms old airpods and i was in the car and it fell,This helped me a lot! If my mom found out I had lost my AirPods I would’ve been dead meat! Thanks!
Device Finder

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